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PhantomFemme is a Disabled, ChristoPagan, Gender-fluid, Queer multimedia artist and aspiring healer, currently working in my home town of Tkaronto/Toronto. My art, critical analysis, magic and spiritual practice draw on the rich power of the story of The Phantom of the Opera, blended with the rich thought and liturgical traditions of liberation Christianities, to try to contribute to the healing of people and planet from our individual and collective trauma. I make music, podcast, and write as the Spirit/s move/s me, and share it mainly online because of limitations to my ability to get out there and gig. But I do love sharing my work live whenever I can! Though, I also love connecting with folks and sharing that stuff online. Because, that’s just as valid as “face to face”, and for some of us the only way we can! So feel free to connect with me on any or all of my load of social media: my Facebook, my Twitter at @phantom_femme, my podcast Twitter which is @ITLPodcast, and my Tumblr which is Tumblr.com/PhantomFemme (LOL I think).

Also, if you enjoy my work, which, of course, I very much hope you do, I would be ever so grateful if you would consider giving it some support via my Patreon. Now, I fully realize that that’s not always possible for folks. Heaven knows I’ve been there myself! So no worries of not. But my dream in life is to be able to support myself doing this work that I love, and that I believe contributes in its own way to the struggle for a world of love, compassion, justice and peace. So any and all contributions folks are able to make will be most gratefully received!

Thanks, Amen, and Blessed Be. And enjoy!