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Hi!  And welcome to my main site/blog.  I’m a proudly Disabled, gender-fluid, ChristoPagan multidisciplinary artist.  I mainly podcast and write.  Although, I also sing whenever I can!  Though, sadly, that’s not nearly as often as I’d like because my Disabilities limit how much I can get out there and gig, thus my doing it mainly online.


All my work – my podcast, my writing, and even my music – is an exploration of or explores things related/adjacent to Phantom of the Opera.  Because, I’ve been a Phan for decades now!  And although it’s taken me a long time to figure out how to articulate it, my passion in life is using my academic training and artistic background to explore and cultivate Phantom as a spiritual progressive-political praxis.  I know that might sound a bit weird!  But my Phanship has been that for me for many years now, as I said, long before I could actually put it into words.  Phantom has deeply shaped and informed my own spirituality and politics!  So now I want to share that through my various art media, drawing on the critical theory I’ve learned in academia, as well as on traditions of thought and practice derived from progressive/liberation Christianity and neo/Paganisms, just as my own artistic and spiritual practices draw on all of these rich sources.  Because, I believe such a praxis has valuable contributions to make toward the healing of humanity and the Earth!


That being said, my podcast mainly explores the political – exploring both how the Phantom story in its various incarnations can be read intersectionally and also how it can become a critical tool.  It’s in my writing and my music that I do more of exploring Phantom as a spiritual praxis to inform progressive politics.  But it’s not always all serious, though!  Sometimes I just like to kick back and have fun as a Phan!


Anyway, if that all sounds weird but interesting, then keep tuning into this space.  Although, admittedly, I don’t post or update here nearly as often as I ought to!  But you can also follow me on my various social media where I try to be better about that.  You can like/follow my Facebook, my Twitter, and my podcast’s Twitter.  And if you really enjoy/love what you find in any of my work, I’d be eternally grateful for your support on my Patreon!  Now, I absolutely get that that’s not an option sometimes.  Heaven knows I’ve been there myself!  But for those who are able, any contributions will be gratefully accepted.  Because, it’s my dream in life to be able to make my living doing this work that I love and believe in!


Thanks, and Amen/Blessed be.